Q & A: second line drugs for status epilepticus: If dilantin doesn’t work!

การรักษา Status epilepticus ถือเป็น emergency condition ครับ we need to stop seizure activity in the brain intensively.So, any guideline for status epilepticus treatment is depend on the time of refractory period.

As you mention above, especially in our country-Thailand, which monitoring system is not enough and also the choice of the AED is insufficient. In addition, Phenobarb in some hospital is not available or meanwhile it is available but the Phenobar 

Treatment of ICU Recurrent or Refractory Seizures Over 5 min or More Than 

Two Discrete Seizures Without Recovery of Consciousness 

Consider as SE. 

ABC: preserve airway and oxygenation by intubation. 

Measure blood glucose at bedside. Give 100 mg iv thiamine and glucose, only if <40–60 mg/100 dL or unable to have a fast result. At the same time draw blood for blood count, electrolytes, liver enzymes, creatinine kinase, toxicology screen, arterial blood gases, and AED levels. 

Immediate intravenous BDZs: lorazepam (5–10 mg), DZ (20–40 mg), or midazolam (5– 20 mg) over 5 min. 

PHT loading dose of 20 mg/kg at 50 mg/min or fosphenytoin, 20 mg/kg PE at 150 mg/min.

Consider VPA intravenous load of 15–20 mg/kg, maintenance 400–600 mg every 6 h in PHT-intolerant patients. 

Continuous EEG, if available. 

If seizures continue, PHT or fosphenytoin (additional 5–10 mg/kg or 5–10 mg/kg PE). 

Consider VPA intravenous load of 15–20 mg/kg, maintenance 400–600 mg every 6 h. 

If seizures continue for more than 60 min: diagnose Refractory Status and institute pharmacological EEG seizure suppression, 10- to 20-s burst suppression, if necessary, with propofol (2 mg/kg iv bolus and 100–150 µg/kg/min infusion) or thiopental (3–4 mg/kg iv bolus and 0.3–0.4 mg/kg/min). Hemodynamic support consists of fluids, pressors, and inotropes. 

Once EEG suppressed, complete loading of anticonvulsant. Add more BDZ if necessary, and consider weaning infusion agent several hours later (preferably 12–24 h) while optimal serum anticonvulsant levels are documented. 

If seizures persist, consider prolonged barbiturate or anesthetic coma with pentobarbital (12 mg/kg at 0.2–0.4 mg/kg/min followed by an infusion of 0.25–2.0 mg/kg/h) for continued EEG suppression. 

ปัญหาของการรักษาอีกอย่างหนึ่งในการรักษา Status epilepticus คือ เมื่อ อาการกระตุกหยุดแล้วแต่เราไม่ทราบว่าคลื่นไฟฟ้าในสมองหยุดหรือยัง หรือเรียกอีกอย่างว่าNon convulsive status epilepticus ในกรณีนี่ EEG มีความสำคัญมากครับ 


valproic acid dose ดังข้างบนข่วยผู้ป่วยได้มากครับ



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