New Guideline of T.I.A. Definition and Evaluation

ข่าวล่ามาแรง American Stroke Association(ASA) and American Heart Association(AHA) ได้ออก New Guideline ของ Transient Ischemic Attack(TIA) ในการ Definition and Investigation

7 May 2009 ตาม Link ด้านล่างครับ 


 2009;40;2276-2293; originally published online May 7, 2009; 

“Definition and Evaluation of Transient Ischemic Attack: A Scientific Statement for Healthcare Professionals From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Stroke Council; Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia; Council on Cardiovascular Radiology and Intervention; Council Cardiovascular Nursing; and the Interdisciplinary Council on Peripheral  Vascular Disease: The American Academy of Neurology affirms the value of this  statement as an educational tool for neurologists”





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